Hemerocallis S

Saber Tooth Tiger

Sachsen Adler

Sachsen Late Curls

Sachsen Lavendel Gigant

Sachsen Morgenstern

Sailors Warning

Sammy Russell

Saved Soul


Scarlet Pimpernell




Screamin- Mimi

Searing Wind

Sears Tower

Sea Scape

Selma Longlegs

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

September Flame


Seriously Purple

Shards Of Kryptonite

Shattered Glass

She-s Got Legs



Shining Angel

Shining Plumage

Shuffle The Deck

Silver Sword

Simplicity In Motion

Sir Knight


Skinwalker poly



Sky King


Slipped My Disco

Slipping Into The Abyss

Small World Eye Of The Cat

Small World Green Giant

Small World Laughing All The Way

Small World Lolly Pop Kid

Small World Love Potion Number 9

Small World Rubber Duck

Small World Snow Bunny

Small World Twister

Smoke Scream


Snake In The Grass Boo


Snow Wonder

Soft Cashmere

So Glamorous

Solar Blue Angel

So Many Stars

Sabine Baur


Sachsen Aprikose

Sachsen Bicolor

Sachsen Big Ruffles

Sachsen Blue Diana

Sachsen Claudia

Sachsen Contrast

Sachsen Fichtelberg

Sachsen First Love

Sachsen Flat Green

Sachsen Fringe

Sachsen Green Explosion

Sachsen Green Mystic

Sachsen Gruenling

Sachsen Hemingway

Sachsen Leopard

Sachsen Limette

Sachsen Little Blue

Sachsen Little Gold

Sachsen Little Ingrid

Sachsen Little Mirjam

Sachsen Little Ramona

Sachsen Little Steffi

Sachsen Pink Love

Sachsen Red Giant

Sachsen Rosalie

Sachsen Samtauge

Sachsen Samtkleid

Sachsen Tangerine

Sachsen White Giant

Sachsen Zack Zack

Sachsen Zarte Versuchung

Sachsen Zoe

Sacrament Of Healing

Sacred Ibis

Safe Heaven


Sailing To Byzantium

Sail The Sun

Sam Abell

Sambuish Gap

Sassy Sally

Sassy Sally

Satellite Dreams

Satin Rose

Sawyer-s Giggles

Say Can You See

Scarlet Angel

Scarlet Blaze

Schau Ins Land

Schloß Bellevue

Scintillation In Pink

Scott Perry

Seal Of Approval


Sea Of Cinders

Search For Green Pastures

Searching For Blue

Season Finale

Seattle Dreaming

Seattle Slew

Second Coming

Second Glance

Secret Arsenal

See Me-Feel Me-Touch Me

Seize The Night

Self Determination

Sentimental Favourite

Serena Dark Horse

Serene Madonna

Serene Thoughts


Seventy Times Seven

Shades Of Purple


Shakespeare-s Red

Shannon Ashley

Sharin- The Secret

Shark Infested Waters

Sharon-s Delight

Sharyn Lianne

Shasta Blue Butterfly

Sheer Excitement


Sherri Eisner

Sherry Candy

Sherry Lane Carr

Shimmering Dawn

Shimmering Glimmer

Shing Rhea Of Hope

Shining Rhea Of Hope

Shirley-s Green Teeth

Shirley Goodness And Mercy

Shores Of Time

Show Me Heaven

Sight For More Eyes

Silent Musings

Silent Sentry

Silly Wabbit

Siloam Amazing Grace

Siloam Baby Talk

Siloam Bo Peep

Siloam David Kirchhoff

Siloam Doodlebug

Siloam Fairy Ruffles

Siloam Graduation

Siloam Green Creek

Siloam Gumdrop

Siloam Jack Spratt

Siloam Jim Cooper

Siloam Joan Senior

Siloam June Bug

Siloam Lemon Ice

Siloam New Perfection

Siloam New Toy

Siloam Paul Watts

Siloam Penny

Siloam Rainbow Magic

Siloam Ralph Henry

Siloam Red Ruby

Siloam Ribbon Candy

Siloam Royal Prince

Siloam Shocker

Siloam Small Design

Siloam Theresa Moore

Silver Surfer

Simply Leaves Me Breathless

Singular Sensation

Sister Evelyn

Sister Grace

Sisters Of Mercy

Skin Of My Teeth

Sleepy Hollow

Small World Alli

Small World Baby Doll

Small World Blueberry Ice Cream

Small World Brenden

Small World Dream World

Small World Eye See You

Small World Go Go Dancer

Small World Gone Fishing

Small World Michael

Small World Pauline Smith

Small World Pretty Woman

Small World Sepal Streaker

Small World Winter Wonderland

Smitten Again

Smoke Signal

Smoky Mountain Autumn

Snap Out Of It

Snowflake Empress

Snow On The Mountain

Snowy Eyes

Snowy Stella

So Beautiful To Me

Soccer Head

Softly And Tenderly

Solar Music

Solar Sweet

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria

Solomon-s Sunrise

Song Of The Empire

Sonya Starchak

Sophia-s Lips

Sophisticated Ruffles

Soul Catcher

Southern Dazzle

Sachsen Little Susi

Sachsen Red Double

Savannah Knockout


Sebastian The Crab

Seeds Of Peace

Siloam Double Frost

Siloam Stinnet-s Delight

Snow Blizzard