Hemerocallis R

Radiant Moonbeam

Rainbow Dragon

Rainbow Gold

Rainbow Maker

Rainbow Serpent

Rainbow Towers

Rain Splash

Rama Lama Ding Dong

Raspberry Twizzler

Reach For The Heavens

Rebecca Mary

Rebekah-s Gothic Spider

Red Adventure

Red Hill

Red Hulk

Redneck Red

Red Nova

Red Nova

Red Precious

Red Ribbons

Red Skeletons

Redskin Walker

Red Smoke

Red Squirrel

Red Star Of Krypton

Red Star Of Krypton

Red Suspenders

Red Tailed Hawk

Red Tallboy

Red Viper

Red Wine Romance


Regency Heights


Return To Oz




Richard William Haynes

Riddle Me This

Ringo-s Star

Ripple Effect

River Hills

Rocket Booster

Rocket Jumper

Rocket Science

Rock Star

Rolling Raven

Rose F. Kennedy

Rose For Charlotte

Rosella Flight

Rosewood Langlorious

Rotes Rathaus

Ruby Spider

Ruddy Giant

Rum Runner

Running For The Border

Running Late

Russell Bicolor

Rusty Nail

Rachelle Agin


Rainbow Radiance

Rainforest Magic


Randall The Runner

Raspberry Picotee

Raspberry Swirl

Raspberry Winter

Rattlesnake Rate

Raven-s Song


Real Wind

Redbird Mary

Red Blooded

Red Bull

Red Eyed Fantasy

Red Grace

Red Heartthrob

Red Hot Ad

Red Hot Lover

Red Light Green Light

Red Ragamuffin

Red Volunteer

Regal Braid

Regal Finale

Regal Shield

Regency Fortune

Reigning Kisses

Remembered Kisses

Rhapsody In Blue


Ride The Wind

Rings Of Wonder

Risque Woman

River City Valentine

Road To Hana

Roaring Red

Robed In Majesty

Robert Searles

Robin Zimmann

Rock Around The Clock

Rocket Blast

Rocks Cry Out

Rock Solid


Rodeo Sweetheart


Rolling In Gold

Roman Cohort

Romantic Stares

Room Full Of Mirrors

Roquish Imp

Rosa Parks

Roseate Stained Glass

Rose Blast

Rose Electra

Rose Emily

Rose Knockout

Rosemary Mussar

Rose Of Spanish Harlem

Rossen-s Best Edge

Rossen-s Tiara

Rosy Complexion

Rosy Returns

Rosy Rhino

Rouen Cathedral

Royal Extravaganza

Roy O-Dell

Ruby And Emerald

Ruby Fantasy

Ruby Lipstick

Ruby Moon

Ruby Ridge

Ruby Shadows

Ruby Stella

Ruffled Apricot

Ruffled Pastel Cheers

Ruffled Strawberry Parfait

Ruffles Have Ripples

Rumble In The Jungle

Russell Henry Taft

Ruth-s Dream

Raspberry Ripple Cupcake

Red Boutonniere

Reigning Pink Lemonade

Rose Storm


Ruth Whitten