Hemerocallis L

Ladybug Free Bird

Lady Neva

Larry-s Candy Stripe Swizzle

Larry Mackle

Late Report

Late To The Party

Laughing Clown

Laughing Giraffe

Lava Stream

Lavender Arrowhead

Lavender Curls

Lavender Handlebars

Leaping Waterfalls

Ledgewood-s Calico Blues

Lee Reinke

Lemon Curls

Lemon Go Lightly

Lemon Lime Swirl

Lemon Lip Smacker

Lemon Path

Leprechaun-s Curls

Let Loose

Lightning Bugs In A Bottle

Lightning Force

Lightning Storm

Light The Way

Lilian-s White Lies

Lillian-s Jack Temple

Lillian-s Thin Ice

Lillian-s Vapor Trail

Lilting Lavender

Lily Munster

Lime Peel

Lindy Twirl

Liquid Memory

Lobo Lucy

Lone Star Red Stallion

Long John Silver

Longlesson Orchid Thief

Long Tall Sally

Look Up Here

Loose Reins

Loth Lorien

Lotsa Dots

Lovely Light

Lucky Streak



Lyndell-s Miracle

Lyndell-s Pink Lemonade

Lyndell-s Pink Ribbons

Labytinth Of Solitude

Lacy All Over

Lacy Border

Lacy Dusk

Lady Liz

Lady Margaret Rose

Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding

Lake Tahoe

Lala Fabulosa

Land Of Our Fathers

Landon Lee

Lanny Morry

Last Fool Standing

Last Snowflake

Last Song

Laura Harwood

Lavada Kemp

Lavender Blue Baby

Lavender Rainbow

Lavender Reflections

Ledgewood-s Champagne Lace

Ledgewood-s Firecracker

Ledgewood-s Pansy Eye

Ledgewood-s Ringleader

Ledgewood-s Ringleader

Ledgewood-s Royal Awakening

Lemonade Springs

Lemon Electra

Lemon Fringed Pastel

Lemon Parchment

Leo Bordeleau

Leslie Renee

Let It Rain

Let Me Be Clear

Lies And Lipstick

Light Forbes

Light Me Up

Light Motif

Like A Child

Like A Dream

Lil- Red Wagon

Lilac U Care

Lillian-s First Bite

Lillian-s Lying Eyes

Lillian-s Rainbow At Dawn

Lilyland-s Fried Eggplant

Lime Frost

Limonero Squeeze

Linda-s Magic

Linda Agin

Linda Beck

Linda Gluck

Linda Sierra

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Lip Smack

Lips Of Desire

Little Ballerina

Little Business

Little Grapette

Little Joy

Little Miss Manners

Little Nico

Little Pumpkin Face

Little Red Bantam

Little Red Corvette

Little Red Dragon

Little Show Stopper

Little Surfer Girl

Little Zinger

Living in Luxury

Lofty Expetations

Lollipop Kisses

Lonesome Heart

Lone Star Sweetheart

Lone Wolf

Lotus Position

Louisiana Blues

Lovely Margie


Lucid Moment

Luck Be A Lady

Lullaby Baby

Lunar Max

Lydia-s Regal Robe

Layers Of Love

Libby Gallion

Lucky Pierre