Hemerocallis G

Gan Sue Species

Garden Butterfly

Garden Dancer

Genie In A Bottle

George Cunningham

Gerald Clement

Get -R Done

Getting Airborne

Ghost Dancer

Giant Teratorn

Gilded Dragonfly


Gnarly Gnome


Gold Elephant

Golden Chimes

Golden Zebra

Goldner-s Bouquet

Goldner Red Velvet Seedling

Gold Pinwheel

Gotham City

Graces Of Ganymede

Grand Elixier

Grandma Kissed Me

Grape Twizzler

Graphic Heart

Great Dismal Swamp

Great Heart

Great Heart

Great Red Dragon

Green Arrow

Green Flutter

Green Gondola

Green Icon

Green Inferno

Green Lines

Green Mamba

Green Python

Green Rainbow

Green Swamp Gas

Green Throated Robin

Green Throated Robin

Green Twister

Green Warrior

Grey Witch

Greywoods Cowgirl Casanova

Greywoods Disco Dana

Greywoods Great Dana

Greywoods River Dancer

Greywoods Starlicious

Greywoods Sugarland


Gabi's Regenbogen

Gabi Behrens

Ganz Rot

Garden Symphony

Garry Bewyck

Gaskins-Saemling A86-2013

Gasping For Breath


Gay Activist

Gentle Rose

Gentle Shepherd

George Carman

George Jets On

George Seurat

George Washington

Georgia Bright Eyes

Get Jiggy

Ghost Pattern

Ghost Whispers

Gilded By Grace



Glamour Puss

Glass Palace

Glocca Moora

Glorious Appearing

Glory Days

Glowing Quasar

Gnashing Of Teeth

God-s Handiwork

Going Bananas

Going Green

Going Home To Georgia

Gold Aus China

Gold Buttons

Gold Card

Golden Child

Golden Hibiscus

Golden Peace

Golden Tentacles


Gold Signet

Gone Fishing

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Good Golly Miss Molly

Goody Goody Gumdrop


Goose Creek Bill And Barbara

Gordon Biggs

Gorgeous Smile

Gotta Hobbit

Graceful Late

Grandma-s Smile

Grand Palais

Grape Velvet

Great Goodness Gracious

Great White Dove

Great White

Greek Effect

Green Gage

Green Illusion

Green Imperial Pigeon

Green Keeper

Green Mystique

Green Revolution

Green Sea

Green Spill

Green Sunburst


Greta Garbo

Greywoods Fritzwilliam

Greywoods Lips A Quiver

Greywoods Neytiri


Groovy Guy

Ground Control To Major Tom

Guardian Light

Gemini Jack

Glorious Autumn

Glory In The Sunset