Boitzer Taglilien Garten
über 3000 verschiedene Hemerocallis und fast 500 Iris
auf Hof Hohls in Kirchboitzen.

Anfahrt    Termine    Impressum    rechtliche Hinweise   Kontakt
Taglilie, Taglilien, Hemerocallis, Daylily, Daylilies, Daglilier, Daglelies. Daglelie, Hemerocalle, Hemerocalles, Lilien, Stauden, Staude, Pflanzen, Pflanze, Staudengarten, Garten, Gärten, Blumenbeete, Staudenbeete, Pfingstrosen, Gartengästebuch, Sonnenstauden, Schattenstauden, Halbschattenstauden, Blumen, Staudenbesichtigung, Gartenansichten, Staudenbesichtigungen, Offener Garten, Offene Gartenpforte, Gästebuch, Phlox, Schattenstauden, Sonnenstauden, Iris, Schwertlilien, Zwergiris, Astern, Hosta, Funkie, Funkien,Abalone Angel, Absolute Treasure, ?Goldgelb Spider,?Sämling Himbeerfarben,?South Seas,?Spider Sämling lila,?Ziegelrote Spider,A Bauble For Bilbo,A Bodacious Pattern,A New View,Aaron's Little Whopper,Abalone Angel,Absolute Treasure,Abundant Ruffles,Acatenango,Accent On Style,Across The Universe, Ada May Musick,Adam Pitkin Hurd,Adamas,Adele Pitzer,Admiral's Braid,Adorable Tiger, Aerial Display,Afternoon In Ruffles,Aftershock,Agape Love,Age Of Aquarius,Age Of Opulence, Ageless Beauty,Agnes Elpers,Ahoy Matey,Alaqua,Alberene,Alexandra,Alice's Day Off, Alien Contact,Alien Encounter,Alien Invider,Alien's Eye,All American Chief,All American Plum,All American Tiger,All American Windmill,All Fired Up,All That Heaven Allows, All The Magic,All The Riches,Altogether,Always A Pleasure,Always Afternoon, Always Faithful,Amazing Grace,Amber Rhum,American Freedom,American Original, America's Most Wanted,Amethyst Reflections,Amy Stewart,Anastasia,Ancient Fire, Ancient Reflections,Andy Candy,Angel In Disguise,Angel Rodgers,Angelic Messenger, Angels Around Us,Angel's Smile,Angelwalker,Ann And Russell Burgess,Annabrooke Heatherly, Another Night,Antique Sketchings,Anton Ressel,Anzac,Appassionata,Apple Swirl, Apple Tart,Applique,Apres Moi,Apricot Angel,Apricot Jade,Arabian Magic,Aragon, Arctic Snow,Arctic Splendor,Arms To Heaven,Art Gallery Deco,Art Gallery Fringe, Art Imperial,Art Of Seduction,Artful Harvest,Artistic Web,Asheville Bele Chere, Asheville City Lights,Ashwood Blue Highway,Asymmetry,At First Blush,Aten, Athena's Gift,Atomic Inferno,Attribution,Augenfreude,August Frost,Augusto Bianco, Autumn Flame,Autumn Jewels,Autumn Memories,Autumn Red,Autumn Soujourn, Autumn Wood,Avante Garde,Awakening Dream,Awesome Artist,Awesome Blossom,Awesome Bob, Awesome Candy,Awesome Edger,Aztec Firebird,Azure Violets,Babelsberg,Babie Puff, Backseat Driver,Badge Of Courage,Bali Watercolor,Ballerina On Ice,Ballroom Waltz, Bambi Doll,Banana Cream Beauty,Bandit Man,Banzai,Baracuda Bay,Barbara Ditmer, Barbara Mitchell,Barbarian Princess,Barcelona Night,Bark At Me,Baron Frederick, Baroque Pearls,Bas Relief,Bat Masterson,Batman,Bayou Bride,Beach Music, Beale Street,Beaming Blessings,Bear Claws,Beaucatcher Mountain,Beaufort Slim Pitkin, Beautiful Edgings,Beautiful Jealous Eyes,Becky Lynn,Beguiled Again,Bel,Bela Lugosi, Belcanto,Belle Cook,Beloved Deceiver,Bengal Bay,Benjamin Pickles,Berlin Melon Ice, Berlin Multi,Berlin Red,Berlin Red Velvet,Berlin Tallboy,Berliner Feuerring, Bernd's Blaustar,Bernd's Feuerstern,Bernd's Karamel,Bertie,Bertie Ferris, Better Than Butter,Better Than Ever,Bettina Witte,Betty Ford,Betty Ford,Beverly Rayburn, Bewitching Eyes,Beyond Eden,Beyond My Dreams,Beyond Reason,Beyond The Rim, Beyond Thunderdome,Bi-Eyed Baby,Big Bet,Big Bird,Big Bird's Friend,Big Blue, Big Foot,Big Snow,Big Snowbird,Big Spender,Big Sur,Big Yellow Taxi,Bill Munson, Bill Norris,Bill Robinson,Bill Vojir,Billy Stennet,Bird Talk,Bite Me,Bite The Bullet, Bittersweet Destiny,Black Ambrosia,Black Arrowhead,Black Briar Bay,Black Eye, Black Ice,Blackberries And Cream,Blackberry Jack,Blackjack Cherry,Blackthorne, Blazing Lampsticks,Blink Of An Eye,Blonde Is Beautiful,Bloodfire,Blue Corn Moon, Blue Eyed Butterfly,Blue Eyes Glance,Blue Happiness,Blue Magician,Blue Moon Rising, Blue Sheen,Blue Symphonic,Blue Venom,Blue Venture,Blue Voodoo,Blueberry Candy, Blueberry Sundae,Bluebird Sky,Blues Music,Blushed With Emerald,Bodacious Blush, Bohemia After Dark,Bold Encounter,Bold Heritage,Bold Spirit,Bold Vision, Bonanza,Boney Maroney,Bonnie Boy,Boogie My Woogie,Border Blessed,Border Music, Born To Run,Braided Edgings,Brautkleid,Brazilian Orange,Breaking The Rules, Bridgeton Geometry,Brigitta Sue,British Redcoat,Broadway Starfish,Brocaded Gown, Brooklyn Twist,Brookwood Bright Eyes,Brookwood Lee Causey,Brookwood Mamasan, Brown Wings,Brownie The Gold,Buckingham Palace,Buckyballs,Buddha,Bullagen, Bumble Bee Boogie,Buried Treasure,Burning Angel,Burning Daylight,Buzz Saw, By Myself,Byron,Byzantine Mask,Cairo Night,Cajun Christmas,Cajun Sunshine, Calico Jack,California Girl,Call To Worship,Calling All Angels,Camera Ready, Cameroon Night,Cameroons,Canadian Blues,Canadian Border Patrol,Candid Colours, Candied Popcorn Perfection,Candle In The Wind,Canopy Of Heaven,Capacity For Wonder, Capernaum Cocktail, Capture The Vision, Capture The Vision, Caribbean Dark Victory, Caribbean Frank League, Caribbean Perfection Plus, Caricature, Carnival Flair, Carnival In Mexico, Carnival Mask, Carolina Heritage, Carolyn Hunt, Carpet Bagger, Carrie And Jack, Carson City, Caruso, Carved In Stone, Carved Pumpkin Pie, Casa Romantica, Cashmere Seduction, Cat Dancer, Catcher In The Eye, Catherine Neal, Caught By Surprise, Cause For Pause, Cavern, Celebration Of Angels, Celestial Virtue, C'est Magnifique, Champagne Taste, Chance Encounter, Change Of Heart, Changing Latitudes, Chaotic Symmetry, Chardonnay, Charles Johnston, Charmed Existence, Chasing Shadows, Cheese Curls, Cherokee Beauty, Cherokee Pass, Cherokee Star, Cherokee Vision, Cherry Burst, Cherry Candy, Cherry Eyed Pumpkin, Cherry Festival, Cherry Frills, Cherry Lace, Cherry Pie Delight, Cherry Sundae, Cherry Valentine, Chesapeake Crablegs, Chewonki, Chicago Apache, Chicago Arnie's Choice, Chicago Fire, Chicago Heirloom, Chicago Knobby, Chicago Knockout, Chicago Peach, Chicago Picotee Lace, Chicago Picotee Promise, Chicago Queen, Chicago Silver, Chicago Sunrise, Chicago Weathermaster, Chick's Dig It, Chief Four Fingers, Chile Spice, Chinese Chariot, Chocolate Dreams, Choral Angel, Chorus Line, Christening Spirit, Christine Dixon, Christmas Is, Chuck Wheeler, Cimarron Rose, Cinderella Story, Cindy Jones, Cindy Marie, Cindy's Eye, Circle Of Friends, Citrina, Citrina Vespertina, Citrix, City Of Angels, City Sound, Clarity Of Vision, Claudette J. Collins, Claudine's Charm, Claws, Cleopatra's Jewel, Cloak And Dagger, Clockwork, Clothed In Glory, Clown Parade, Cobalt Dawn, Color Flash, Colorado Moon Fire, Come As You Are, Comfort Zone, Commandment, Complimentary Colors, Congo Beauty, Connie Abel, Connie Burton, Conny Can't Have It, Constant Eye, Continental Holiday, Cool Blue, Cool Twister, Copper Royale, Copperhead, Coquina Key, Cora Offer, Coral Crab, Coral Majority, Coral Stone, Corona Del Mar, Coronal Light, Cortina, Cosmic Design, Cosmic Sensation, Council Of Elders, Counted Shadows, Country Bouquet, Country Canvas, Country Quilt, Court Cavalcade, Court Magician, Courting Trouble, Courtney Ann, Courts Of Europe, Cragmoor Sweetheart, Cranberry Angels, Cranberry Baby, Cranberry Winter, Crazy Ivan, Creative Art, Creative Edge, Creature Of The Night, Crocodile Smile, Crowd Appeal, Crown Of Creation, Crown Royal, Crystal Singer, Cuban Skies, Curls, Curly Brick Road, Curly Cinnamon Windmill, Custard Candy, Daggy, Dakar, Dallas Star, Dan Mahony, Dance On A Moonbeam, Dancing Crab, Dancing Shiva, Dancing With Julie, Dankie, Daring Deception, Daring Dilemma, Dark Eyed Smile, Dark Lady, Dark Of Night, Dark Reflection, Darla Anita, Daughter Of Magic, David Kirchhoff, Dazzle, Dean Corey, Deanna's Gift, Debra Billips, Debussy, Decatur Piecrust, Definitely Maybe, Deflector Dish, Delicate Beads, Delightful Little Treasure, Delta Blues, Delta Quadrant, Derby Bound, Desert Flame, Desert Moon, Designer Gown, Designer Image, Designer Jeans, Desperado Love, Destined To See, Deutsch Dancer, Dewberry Candy, Diamond Dusted Borders, Diamond Tiara, Diamonds And Pearls, Diamonds In The Sky, Diana Grenfell, Diana Grenfell, Dick Bennett, Dil-Robin Nichols, Dinnet Sue, Dipped In Honey, Distant Star, Dixie Ayers, Dixie Land Band, Dixie Rooster, Dixieland Five, Doll House, Dominic, Don Herell, Donna S. Ribar, Double Firecracker, Double Glitter, Douglas Clark, Douglas Dale, Doyle Pierce, Dracula, Dragon Dreams, Dragon Pinata, Dragon's Eye, Dragon's Orb, Dream Candy, Dream Catcher, Dream Legacy, Dream Maker, Dream Wizard, Dreams Come Through, Dreams Of Destiny, Dreams Of Heaven, Dress Blues, Druid's Chant, Duchesse Of Diamonds, Duke Of Durham, Duke's Mixture, Dynamite Bright, Early Snow, Early To Bed, Ebony Jewel, Ebony Pools, Eccentricity, Echo Canyon, Echoes Of Mercy, Eclipse Of The Heart, Ed Brown, Ed Murray, Edge Ahead, Edge Of Eden, Edge Of Heaven, Edge Of Paradise, Edge Of Your Seat, Edged In Red, Edith Sliger, Edna Selman, Edna Shaw, Eggplant Escapade, Egomania, Egyptian Queen, Eight Miles High, El Desperado, El Diablo, Elaine Strutt, Elan, Elderberry Candy, Electric Marmalade Magic, Electric Melody, Elegant Candy, Element Of Surprise, Eleonore Roosevelt, Elf Power, Elijah Sain, Elizabeth Frances Woodhall, Elizabeth Salter, Elizabeth Yancey, Ellen Christine, Elmore James, Eloquently Edged, Elsie Spalding Memorial, Elvin Archer, Elvin King, Emerald Enchantment, Emerald Treasure, Emeralds And Gold, Emilka, Emily's Red Leather, Emmy Blume, Emporer's Choice, Emporer's Dragon, Enchanted April, Enchanted Rainbow, Encore Of Beauty, End Of The Day, Endless Sky, Endless Summer, English Cameo, Engraved Invitation, Equilibrium, Eskimo Kisses, Essence Of Royalty, Etched Eyes, Etched Fantasy, Eternal Quest, Eternal Warrior, Eternity's Breath, Eternity's Shadow, Evelyn Kloeris, Evening Enchantment, Evening Mirage, Evening Rapture, Evening Seashells, Executive Decision, Exotic Candy, Exotic Empire, Exotic Flag, Exotic Love, Exotic Treasure, Eye For Eye, Eye On America, Eyelashes, Eyes Of Comfort, EyesOn The Prize, Fabulous Favorite, Face Of The Stars, Face Of Valor, Fairy Charm, Fairy Free Spirit, Fairy Tale Pink, Faith Hope Charity, Fall Frolic, Fancy Face, Fantasy Finish, Fata Morgana, Father Of Faith, Feathered Angel, Felicia Grace, Feminine Intuition, Ferengi Gold, Fetish, Feuerwerk, Fiery Moment, Fiesta Cubana, Fiesta Latina, Filled With Wonder, Fingal's Foxes, Finger Painting, Finish With A Flourish, Fire And Fog, Fire Burst, Fire Music, Fire On The Mountain, Fireborn, First Knight, First Lady Barbara, Fit To Eat, Flaming Tongues, Flamingo Flight, Flight Of The Raven, Florida's Garden Light, Foggy London Town, Folk Tales, Follow Your Heart, Fooled Me, Foolish Dragon, Footloose Fancy, For All Amerika, For Your Eyes Only, Forbidden Dreams, Forbidden Fantasy, Forest Phantom, Forestlake Point Lace, Forestlake Point Lace, Forestlake Ragamuffin, Forever Abundant, Forever In Time, Forever Red, Forever Redeemed, Forgotten Blues, Forgotten Dreams, Forsyth Commanche, Forsyth Dark Eyes Blink, Forsyth Flying Dragon, Forsyth Heart Afire, Forsyth Klondike, Forsyth Vivacious, Forty Second Street, Four Star, Fractal, Francis Of Assisi, Francois Verhaert, Frank Smith, Frankie's Fantasy, Freewheelin, French Cavalier, Frequent Comment, Freudenfeuer, Freudian Slip, Friend Sandy, Frill Of It All, Fringe Of Gold, Frog's Eye, Fuchsia Kiss, Fulfilled Dream, Fun In The Sunshine, Gail Flemming, Galaxy Explosion, Ganz Rot, Garden Chapeau, Garden Special, Gaucho, Gavin Petit, Gay Cravat, Gayle Palmer, Gene Earl, Geneva Firetruck, Gentle Bonnie Smith, Gentle Rose, Gentle Shepherd, Gentleman Of Verona, Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Gently Down The Stream, George Cunningham, Georgia Bright Eyes, Gerda Brooker, German Opera, Gilded Butterfly, Gilded Darkness, Gilded Knight, Gillian, Ginger Twist, Ginny Mitchell, Girl Scout, Give Me Eight, Glacier Bay, Glass Palace, Glistening Bouquet, Glory Days, Glory In Red, Go Seminoles, God's Handiwork, Godzilla, Gold Barron, Gold Card, Gold Pinwheel, Golden Chimes, Golden Compass, Golden Hibiscus, Golden Peace, Golden Strings, Golden Tentacles, Golden Throne, Good Morning America, Good Old Boy, Gordon Biggs, Gorgeous Smile, Gort, Got Milk, Grace From Above, Grace Pierce, Grand Floridian, Grand Palais, Granny Smith, Grape Fun, Great Expression, Great Goodness Gracious, Great Heart, Great White, Green Flutter, Green Mystique, Green Spill, Grey Witch, Grossenhain, Guilded Scarlet, Gussie Harris, Half Moon Key, Halloween Hokus Pokus, Halloween Masquerade, Hamaiian Swirls, Handsome Ross Carter, Happy Apache, Hark The Lark, Harry Barras, Hassie Garren, Hawaiian Nights, Hazel Ballard, Head Turner, Heart Pumping, Hearts Glee, Hearts Of Fire, Heavenly Angel Ice, Heavenly Beginnings, Heavenly Curls, Heavenly Horizon, Heavenly Pink Butterfly, Heavenly Realms, Heavenly Starfire, Heaven's Portals, Heaven's Trophy, Helix, Helle Berlinerin, Hello Dolly, Hello Screamer, Hem Of His Garment, Hemmed In Purple, Hemstitched, Her Majesty's Wizard, Heraldic Splendor, Here Today, Heure Blanche, High Blaze, Higher Ambition, Highland Lord, Hildegard Möhn, Hillbilly Heart, His Highness, Hobo The Cat, Hold Your Horses, Holiday Charmer, Holiday Delight, Holiday Happiness, Holiday In Italy, Holiday Song, Holly Dancer, Hollywood Lights, Holy Guacomole, Honey Jubilee, Honky Tonk Blues, Honshu, Hoochie Coochie Man, Hopi Jewel, Hot Wire, Hotter Than July, Hounting Me, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be, Howard Dillon Brooks, Howard Goodson, Hubble's Buddy, Huckleberry Candy, Hudson Valley, Hunter's Torch, Hurricane Bob, Hush Little Baby, Hyde Park, Hyperion Elite, I Remember You, I See You, Ice Carnival, Icing On The Cake, Ida's Braid, Ida's Magic, If I Were A Shepard, Igor, Illini Show Girl, Imperial Elegance, In Cahoots, In The Navy, In Too Deep, Indian Giver, Indy Heart Stopper, Indy Heir Apparent, Indy Rhapsody, Inherited Wealth, Inimitable, Inky Fingers, Inner Secrets, Innocent Blush, Innocent Fire, Insider Trading, Inspired Edge, Intense, Intermediar, Into The Mystic, Invictus, Invitation To Immortality, Irish Fantasy, Iron Gate Glacier, Iron Gate Sunset, Isle Of Wight, Isle Of Zanzibar, It Is Finished, It's A Miracle, Itza Butte, Itza Mirage, Itza Pink Teddy, Ivory Lullaby, Ivory Marble, J.T.Davis, Jack And The Beanstalk, Jack Of Hearts, Jackie Blue, Jackie Kropf, Jade Phoenix, Jamaican Love, Jamaican Me Crazy, Jamaican Me Happy, Jamaican Music, Jane Mahan, Jane Trimmer, Janet Gordon, Janice Brown, Janie Wilson, Jan's Twister, Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, Jason Marc, Jason Salter, Jaws Of Life, Jay Farquhar, Jazz Diva, Jealous Refinement, Jean Barnhart, Jedi Tequila Sunrise, Jedi Tequila Sunset, Jellyfish Jealousy, Jen Melon, Jerry Pate Williams, Jerry's Whirligig, Jeune Tom, Jewel In A Crown, Jim Cooper Memorial, Jim McKinney, Jin Jiang, Joan Senior, John Karl Saeger, John Peat, Johnny Cash, Joint Venture, Jolly Hearts, Jolly White Giant, Jordan Verhaert, Jordan Verhaert, Josette Lise, Joy Of Cooking, Juanita Allinder, Judy Farquhar, Juhr Spider 01, Juhr Spider creme-rosa, viol. Auge, Juhr Spider-Sämling 14/06, Juhr Spider-Sämling 29/06, Juhr Spider-Sämling S-39, Juhr-Sämling ?, Juhr-Sämling 21-15-07-05 Spider Goldgelb, Juhr-Sämling 21-26-06-05 Apricot mit Goldrand, Juhr-Sämling 28-15-07Sp., Gelb, Grü.Schl., Juhr-Sämling Spider Violett, Julia's Choice, Julie Newmar, Juliette Matthies, Jumble Edge, Jump Start, Jungle Butterfly, Jurassic Spider, Juri Crumple Art, Just A Stitch, Just A Tease, Just Infatuation, Just Like Candy, Just Plain Bill, Justin Brent, Justin Paul, Kabuki Plus, Kachina Dancer, Kachina Firecracker, Kakadu, Kansas City Kicker, Karelia, Karen's Curls, Karl Petersen, Kate Carpenter, Käthe Wächter, Kathryn June Wood, Kathy Chenet, Kayleigh Anne, Kelkheim, Kendra Janelle, Kevin Walek, Key Lime Ice, Key Lime Special, Key To My Heart, Key West, Kien Mill, Kindly Light Curls, King George, Kipling, Kirsten's Corsage, Kissed From Afar, Kisses Like Wine, Klaus Hadaschik, Klein Zack, Knights In Velvet, Knights In White Satin, Königstein, Kronos, La Charmante, La Vita, Lace Cookies, Lady Arabella, Lady Betty Fretz, Lady Fingers, Lady Liz, Lady Neva, Ladybug Free Bird, Lake Effect, Lake Lure, Lambada, Larger Than Life, Larry Grace, Larry's Obsession, Last Lama, Last Snowfflake, Latin Satin, Laugh At Me, Laughing Giraffe, Laughing Hyena, Laughing Skies, Laura Harwood, Lauren Beebee, Laurena, Lava Flow, Lavender Achievement, Lavender Arrowhead, Lavender Blue Baby, Lavender Cascades, Lavender Eyed Picotee, Lavender Fantasia, Lavender Heartthrob, Lavender Rainbow, Leaping Lizards, Least Expected, Ledgewood's Blue Crystal, Ledgewood's Christmas Angel, Ledgewood's Firecracker, Ledgewood's Oriental Silk, Ledgewood's Ring Of Fire, Ledgewood's Ringleader, Lee Pickles, Lee's Loss, Leesa Dawn, Legendary Kin, Lemon Madeline, Lemon Parchment, Lemon Twist Sunrise, Leonard Bernstein, Leonidas, Leroy, Leslie Renee, Let It Rip, Let Loose, Licorice Candy, Lies And Lipstick, Lifting Me Higher, Light Forbes, Light The Fire Again, Lighter Than Air, Lil' Red Wagon, Lilacs For Galadriel, Lily And Petals, Lily Munster, Lime Frost, Linda Daniel, Linda Touchstone, Lingering, Lion Dance, Lion Of Judah, Little Big Man, Little Business, Little Carpet, Little Grapette, Little Joy, Little Missy, Little Nico, Little Red Dragon, Little Show Stopper, Little Thinkerbelle, Little Witching Hour, Little Zinger, Live Jazz, Living In Luxury, Living On The Edge, Lobo Lucy, Loch Ness Monster, Lois Burns, Loisteen Kirkman, Lola Branham, London Calling, Lone Star Wagon Wheel, Long Stocking, Long Tall Sally, Lonnie Leroy Carpenter, Look Away, Look Here Mary, Look See, Lord Of Riches, Lori Goldston, Loth Lorien, Lots Of Laughter, Lotsa Dots, Lottery Winner, Louis The Sixteenth, Louise Lemly, Love After Dark, Love Those Eyes, Lovely Light, Lucid Moment, Luck Of The Draw, Lucky Draw, Lullaby Baby, Lulu's Knobby, Lunacy, Lunar Max, Lurch, Luxury Lace, Macho Macho Man, Madeline McCartney, Madeline Nettles Eyes, Madison Holly Lace, Madly Red, Madness To See, Magic Amethyst, Magic Carpet Ride, Magic Elf, Magic Filigree, Magic Lake, Magic Obsession, Magic Of Oz, Magical Mystery Tour, Magnificant Rainbow, Mahagony Magic, Majestic Fortune, Make Believe Magic, Mal, Malachite Prism, Malaysian Marketplace, Malicious Rumors, Mama's Cherry Pie, Mandalay Bay Music, Mandarin Seas, Manor Born, Marco Juhr, Mardi Gras Ball, Mardi Gras Beads, Margin Of Error, Margo Reed Indeed, Maria Callas, Marie Juhr, Marietta Delight, Marilyn Lee Boch, Marilyn Siwik, Mark Alan Carpenter, Marked By Lydia, Marquee Moon, Marse Connell, Martha Juhr, Martina Verhaert, Mary Alice Stokes, Mary Frances Ragain, Maryland Mahem, Mary's Baby, Mascara Snake, Mask Of Eternity, Masked Phantom, Matisse, Matt, Mauna Loa, Maxfield Parrish, Mayah Rose, Meant To Be, Mecklenburger Rotwein, Medicine Feather, Medieval Spirit, Medieval Splendor, Meekat Manor, Meet Joe Black, Mel's Folly, Memory Number One, Mended Heart, Mephisto Waltz, Metallic Butterfly, Metaphysical Moment, Mexican Art, Mexican Hat Dance, Mexican Holiday, Mexican Sunrise, Michael Miller, Midlife Sportscar, Midnight Bandit, Midnight Magic, Midnight Raider, Mighty Mogul, Mikado, Mike Longo, Milady Greensleeves, Mildred Mitchell, Millenium Madness, Millenium View, Mind's Eye, Ming Porcelain, Minnesota, Minstrel's Fire, Miracle Mama, Miss Fire, Mississippi Red Dragon, Mister Lucky, Misty Watercolor, Mitchel Leichhardt, Moana Gloria May, Mohican Chief, Mokan Butterfly, Momentum, Montana Miss, Moon Madonna, Moon Music, Moon Over Monterey, Moonlight Orchid, Moonlight Rhapsody, Moonlit Caress, Moonlit Masquerade, Moonstruck Madness, Morning Colours, Morning Does Come, Mort Morss, Mort's Masterpiece, Most Beautiful Girl, Mother Knows Best, Mount Echo Sunrise, Mount Herman Treasure, Mount Hermann Marvel, Mountain Lace, Move Over, Mulberry Frosted Edge, Mulberry Street, Music Of The Spheres, Musical Medley, My Special Angel, Mynelle's Starfish, Myrt Webster, Mysterious Attitude, Mysterious Eyes, Mystery Man, Mystic Amulett, Mystic Muse, Nancy Billingslea, Nancy Britz, Nanu Nana, Naomi Ruth, Narrentanz, Natchez Lace, Nate, Nathan Sommers, Nature's Showman, Navajo Curls, Navajo Princess, Nefertiti, Neon Rainbow, Netsuke, Neusa Bergemann, Never Been Kissed, Never Say Goodbye, New Direction, New Perspective, New Series, New Tangerine Twist, New Ways To Dream, Newberry Borrowed Time, Newberry Cherry Eye, Neyron Rose, Night Beacon, Night Breeze, Night Embers, Night Moves, Nile Crane, Ninja Storm, No Blue Oxfords, No Regrets, Noble Warrior, Nordic Mist, Nordic Night, Northbrook Star, Northern Nocturne, Northwind Drifter, Not Of This World, Notalbe Novelty, Nothing Beautiful Lasts, Notify Ground Crew, Now and Forever, Now And Zen, Oange Splash, Oboe D'Amore, Ocean Drive Sunset, Ocean's Eleven, Octopus Hugs, Old Time Memories, Omelett Ruffles, Omomuki, On Silken Thread, On The Brink, On The Fringe, On The Web, Ondine, One Fine Day, One Step Beyond, Only Believe, Ono, Open My Eyes, Opposites Attract Attention, Orange City, Orange Clown, Orange Electric, Orange Love, Orange Prelude, Orange Velvet, Orange Von Falkenrehde, Orchid Candy, Orchid Corsage, Orchid Octopus, Oriental Mystery, Ornamental Focus, Our Brother's Keeper, Our Friend Sally, Out In Style, Outback Red, Outrageous, Over There, Overall Winner, Oversized Load, Pagan Ritual, Paint The Town Red, Painted Trillium, Painting The Roses Red, Palace Garden Beauty, Pancho Villa, Panda Bear, Pandora's Box, Panic In Detroit, Panther Eyes, Papa David, Paper Butterfly, Paradise City, Pardon Me, Paris Overture, Parrot Jungle, Passion District, Pat Garrity, Pat Slater, Pathway To Paradise, Patricia Fay, Patsy Carpenter, Paulette Miller, Peace And Plenty, Peach Pizazz, Peacock Maiden, Pearl Cove, Pearl Harbor, Pearl Necessity, Pedro Orsornio, Penny Serenade, Peppermint Delight, Peppermint Frosting, Perfect Pie, Perkuno, Perlmutt, Persian Ruby, Petit Ballet, Petra Kirchhoff, Pfennigparade, Phoenix Rising, Photon Torpedo, Phyllis Cantini, Piano Man, Pinebelt Wonder, Pinhill Carrots In Flight, Pink Ambrosia, Pink Ballerina, Pink Damask, Pink Pajamas, Pink Super Spider, Piping Rock, Pirate's Lady, Pirate's Patch, Pixie Pageantry, Pizza, Planet Claire, Planet Max, Planet Peach Sunset, Planet Sunshine, Platinum and Gold, Playing With Sharks, Plum Candy, Poetic Dance, Poet's Reverie, Point Of View, Polka Time, Polynesian Love Song, Popcorn Pete, Portofino, Posaunenengel, Post Time, Potion For Passion, Prague Spring, Prairie Blue Eyes, Prairie Charmer, Prairie Moonlight, Precious Candy, Premiere Surprise, Press Time, Presumed Innocent, Pretty Gaudy, Pretzel Power, Primal Passion, Primal Scream, Prince Charming Returns, Prince Michael, Priscilla's Dream, Promised Day, Promoted To Glory, Prussia, Pug Yarborough, Pugsley, Pumpkin Kid, Pumpkin Prince, Punxsutawney Phil, Pure And Simple, Purple Eyed Magic, Purple Many Faces, Purple Maze, Purple Pawprint, Purple Twilight Time, Pushmataha, Pygmy Plum, Quack Fire, Quasimodo, Queen Kathleen, Queen Of Hills, Quest Of Dreams, Radeburg, Radiant Greetings, Radiant Magic, Radiant Moonbeams, Radiation Biohazard, Rainbow Glow, Rainbow Gold, Rainbow Italian Ice, Rainbow Jewel, Rainbow Radiance, Rainy Days Blues, Raise The Standard, Ram, Rapid Eye Movement, Raptor Rap, Raspberry Beret, Raspberry Candy, Raspberry Frisbee, Raspberry Masquerade, Raspberry Pixie, Raspberry Sickle, Raspberry Winter, Rave On, Real Wind, Reason For Treason, Red Brocade, Red Eyed Fantasy, Red Eyed Shocker, Red Fang, Red Grace, Red Loveliness, Red Peacemaker, Red Precious, Red Rampage, Red Ribbons, Red Select, Red Skeletons, Red Sonata, Red Suspenders, Red Tallboy, Red Volunteer, Reforma Boulevard, Regal Braid, Regal Coronation, Regal Finale, Regal Majesty, Regency Fortune, Regency Heights, Reggie Morgan, Reigning Kisses, Renegade Ranger, Renie's Delight, Requiem For Diana, Respighi, Rhapsody In Time, Rhine Maiden, Rhode Island Red, Ribbonette, Ride The Wind, Riders Of The Storm, Rincon Del Mar, Riptide, Robert Oliver, Robespierre, Rock Lobster, Rock Solid, Rocket Booster, Rocky Horror, Rocky Mountain Twilight, Rodeo Clown, Rodeo Sweetheart, Rohadude, Roman Cohort, Romanian Rendezvous, Rose Emily, Rose Fireglow, Roses In Snow, Rosy Returns, Rosy Rhino, Rotes Rathaus, Royal Art, Royal Braid, Royal Celebration, Royal Elk, Royal Mountie, Royal Prestige, Royal Rage, Royal Renaissance, Ruby Corona, Ruby Fantasy, Ruby Laser, Ruby Moon, Ruby Spider, Ruby Wine, Rue Madelaine, Ruffled Apricot, Ruffled Cream Radiance, Ruffled Masterwork, Ruffles Strawberry Parfait, Rune Mark, Russel Henry Taft, Russell's Bicolor, Russian Easter, Russian Ragtime, Russian Rhapsody, Ruth's Dream, Sabine Baur, Sachsen Aprikose, Sachsen Blue Diana, Sachsen Blutauge, Sachsen Contrast, Sachsen Hercules, Sachsen Little Blue, Sachsen Little Gold, Sachsen Little Ingrid, Sachsen Little Mirjam, Sachsen Little Ramona, Sachsen Little Steffi, Sachsen Lolita, Sachsen Masterpiece, Sachsen Red Double, Sachsen White Gigant, Sachsen Yellow Spider, Safe Island, Sahnebaum, Saigon Summer, Sail The Sun, Sailing To Byzantium, Sämling Eller 9996, Sammy Russell, Samuel Bell, San Diego, San Louis Halloween, San Louis Ice, San Louis Regal, San Louis Vogue, San Louis Watermark, Sanctuary In The Clouds, Sandra Hudson, Sanford Firefly, Sanford Winery, Santa's Helper, Sarah Hawes, Satan's Fire, Satan's Passion, Satin Rose, Satin Ruffles, Savannah Fire Chief, Save A Dance, Scale Model, Scarlet Kisses, Scarlet Lace, Scarlock, Schnickel Fritz, Scintillation In Pink, Scott Bennett, Scott Fox, Screen Pattern, Sea Of Cortez, Sea Swept Dreams, Sea Trail, Seal Of Approval, Seance, Sears Tower, Seattle Dreaming, Sebastian, Second Glance, Secret Splendour, Seduced, Seductor, See His Glory, Seize The Night, Selma Timmons, Seminole Blood, Seminole Picotee, Seminole Wind, Senegal, Sense Of Wonder, September Frost, Serena Lady, Serene Thoughts, Sergeant Major, Sergeant Pepper's Band, Seven Angels, Shadyside, Shake The Mountains, Shanghai Parasol, She Devil, She Talks To Angels, Shelby's Song, Shelter Cove, Sherry Lane Carr, Shimmering Elegance, Shimmering Glimmer, Shining Plumage, Shinto's Etching, Shoo Flie Pie, Shores Of Time, Showmanship, Shrimp And Grits, Sibling Rivalry, Silent Sentry, Silken Touch, Siloam Amazing Grace, Siloam Baby Talk, Siloam Bertie Ferris, Siloam Bo Peep, Siloam Button Box, Siloam David Kirchhoff, Siloam Double Classic, Siloam Dream Baby, Siloam Fairy Ruffles, Siloam Fairy Tale, Siloam French Marble, Siloam Grace Stamile, Siloam Graduation, Siloam Gum Drop, Siloam Jim Cooper, Siloam Joan Senior, Siloam June Bug, Siloam Little Girl, Siloam Merle Kent, Siloam New Toy, Siloam Peewee, Siloam Penny, Siloam Rainbow Magic, Siloam Red Ruby, Siloam Royal Prince, Siloam Shocker, Siloam Showgirl, Siloam Small Design, Siloam Tee Tiny, Siloam Theresa Moore, Siloam Tinker Toy, Siloam Ury Winniford, Siloam Virginia Henson, Silver Butterfly, Silver Quasar, Silver Sprite, Singular Sensation, Sister Grace, Sister Of Praise, Sitting On A Rainbow, Skinny Dipping, Skinwalker, Slap Me Sassy, Slow Burn, Small Tempest, Smoke Cream, Smoke Shadows, Smoke Signal, Smoky Mountain Autumn, Smuggler's Fire, Snake Charmer, Snowflake Empress, Snowy Eyes, So Many Stars, Soccer Head, Soft Cashmere, Sombrero Way, Someone Special, Something Angelic, Something Bold, Something Wonderful, Song Of Singapore, Song Without Words, Song Writer, Sonnenschein, Sophia's Lips, Sorderer's Hat, Soul Food, South Sea Serenade, South Seas (?), Southern Exposure, Southern Wind, Southwestern Memories, Southwestern Treasure, Spacecoast Blast Off, Spacecoast Bold Buccaneer, Spacecoast Bold Scheme, Spacecoast Bull Gator, Spacecoast Carnival, Spacecoast Cherries And Cream, Spacecoast Child Star, Spacecoast Citrus Kick, Spacecoast Cool Deal, Spacecoast Cotton Candy, Spacecoast Cranberry Kid, Spacecoast Discovery, Spacecoast Double Edge, Spacecoast Dragon Prince, Spacecoast Easy Rider, Spacecoast El Bandito, Spacecoast Extreme Fashion, Spacecoast Eye Declare, Spacecoast Fancy Dancer, Spacecoast Fantasy Flight, Spacecoast Firestarter, Spacecoast Gator Eye, Spacecoast Gold Bonanza, Spacecoast Golden Thimble, Spacecoast Hot Topic, Spacecoast Krinkles, Spacecoast Mulberry Motif, Spacecoast Passion Released, Spacecoast Peach Fringe, Spacecoast Perfect Angel, Spacecoast Picotee Prince, Spacecoast Pink Lady, Spacecoast Princess Elite, Spacecoast Raspberry Mist, Spacecoast Rebel Yell, Spacecoast Royal Ransom, Spacecoast Ruffles, Spacecoast Sea Shells, Spacecoast Sharp Tooth, Spacecoast Shiner, Spacecoast Snow Angel, Spacecoast Spice Girl, Spacecoast Sprawler, Spacecoast Starburst, Spacecoast Surprise Purple, Spacecoast Sweetness, Spacecoast Technical Knockout, Spacecoast Tiny Perfection, Spanish Echo, Spanish Legend, Spanish Wedding Gown, Spartacus Adorned, Spatial Anomalies, Special Allure, Spectral Elegance, Speedo, Spell Fire, Spice Hunter, Spider Man, Spider Miracle, Spiny Sea Urchin, Spock's Sun, Spring Formal, Springfield Clan, Sprinkled With Springtime, Square Dancer's Curtsy, Squash Dolly, St. Croix, St. Helena Youth, Stack The Deck, Stafford, Star Of India, Starfish Moon, Starlight Express, Starlight Galaxy, Starling, Starman's Quest, Stars Over Alabama, Starsearch, Startle, Startling Creation, Steiger's Zitrone, Stella d'Oro, Stenciled Impressions, Stephanie May, Steve Trimmer, Sticky Fingers, Stolen Treasure, Stolen Treasure, Stone Ponies, Stoplight, Storm Damage, Storm Of The Century, Storm Over Toledo, Storm Shadows, Storyville Child, Strawberry Candy, Strawberry Fields Forever, Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Jazz, Strawberry Lace, Strawberry Sherbert, Strawberry Swirl, Streaker, Street Urchin, String Bikini, Strutter's Ball, Studebaker Hawk, Study In Scarlet, Sublime Enchantment, Success Story, Sudden Snow, Suddenly Blue, Sugar Pavillon, Sugarplum Glaze, Sultan's Ruby, Sultry Siren, Summa Cum Laude, Summer Hymns, Summer Wine, Summertime Blues, Summertime Blues, Sunday Morning, Sungold Candy, Sunny Perfection, Sunray Venus, Sunset Lagoon, Super Purple, Super Service, Superlative, Surprise Encounter, Suzie Wong, Suzy Cream Cheese, Swashbuckler Bay Boy, Swedisch Girl, Sweet Love Of Heaven, Sweet Michelle, Sweet Sugar Candy, Sweet Temptation, Sweeter Than Sugar, Swing From The Stars, Symmetry In Ruffles, Symphony Of Fire, Tahitian Dancer, Tahitian Waterfall, Tahoe, Taken By Storm, Tang, Tangerine Cream, Tangerine Horses, Tante Yu, Taos, Tao's Treasure, Tar And Feather, Taunus Blue Phantasy, Taunus Chimäre, Taunus Cross Spider, Taunus Fringe Binge, Taunus Gab, Taunus Gemstone, Taunus Golden Touch, Taunus Manta, Taunus Orange Candy, Taunus Pink Lover, Taunus Purple Spider, Taunus Red Magician, Taunus Splendor, Taunus Sunshine, Taunus Sweet Devil, Taunus White Perfection, Tchao Pantin, Temps De Cerises, Tennessee Flycatcher, Tennessee Treasure, Tennyson, Terry Lyninger, Tet Baby Red Eyes, Tetra Barbara Mitchell, Tetra Dragon's Eye, Tetra Spindazzle, Texas Blue Eyes, Thanks A Bunch, The Flower Formerly Knows As Griff, The King Is Coming, Theodore Klein, These Eyes, Thin Man, Third Witch, Thornwell Kleb, Through The Looking Glass, Thumb Print, Thunderation, Thundering Ovation, Tierra Del Fuego, Tiger Prince, Tigereyed Spider, Tigerling, Time In A Bottle, Time Lord, Time Marches On, Time Out, Timeless Romance, Tintoretto, Tiny Toon, Tivoli Nightingale, To The Night, Todd Abbot, Tomatoes Sanford, Tomorrow's Song, Too Many Petals, Too Tall, Tooth, Toothsome, Topaz Gem, Total Commitment, Total Look, Touched By Grace, Touched By Magic, Tovarish, Trahlyta, Tranquil Waters, Transavantguardia, Trial By Fire, Trilithia, Trimmed In Gold, Trojan Gold, Tropical Cooler, Tropical Depression, Tropical Experience, Tropical Halo, Tropical Heat Wave, Tropical Sensation, Tropical Tangerine, Trudy Harris, Truly Angelic, Tune The Harp, Tuscawilla Blackout, Tuscawilla Tigress, Tutankhamun, Tuxedo Junction, Tuxedo Whiskers, Twiggy, Twilight Tarantula, Two Part Harmony, Tyger River, Ultimate Perfection, Ultraviolett Mood, unbekannt Sternige Weiße, Undercurrent, Unending Melody, Unknown Presence, Untamed Glory, Unusual Revelations, Uppermost Edge, Vanilla Candy, Vatican City, Velvet Beads, Velvet Eyes, Velvet Onyx, Velvet Ribbons, Velvet Web, Velvet Widow, Venetian Baroque, Venetian Voyager, Vesuvian, Vi Dawson, Victoria Grace, Victorian Elegance, Victorian Lace, Viking Magic, Villa Del Sol, Vino Di Notte, Vintage Bordeaux, Vintner's Treasure, Violet Explosion, Virgil Earp, Visual Intrigue, Volcanic Eruption, Volcanic Explosion, Volcano Queen, Volusian Spider, Volver, Wait Until Dark, Waiting For Peace, Waiting In The Wings, Walking With Bill, Walt Reinke, Walter's Tango, Warrior's Spear, Watchyl Dancing Spider, Watchyl Dreaming Purple, Watchyl Lavender Blue, Water Dragon, Way Beyond The Sun, Way Cool, Way Out Yonder, Way Past Cool, Weaver's Art, Web Browser, Web Dancer, Web Of Intrigue, Webster's Pink Wonder, Wedding Band, Wee Wizard, Welfo Shakespeare, Welfo White Diamond, Well Of Souls, Werner Heinze, Westward Wind, Whammer Jammer, What Nerve, Whirlpool Galaxy, Whistler's Sister, White Crinoline, White Gold, White Mountain, White Noise, White Perfection, White Temptation, Wigged Out, Wild And Wonderful, Wild Cherry Round Up, Wild Child, Wild Horses, Wild Mustang, Wild One, Wild Summer Wind, Wild Wookie, Wildest Dreams, Will Return, William Seaman, Wilson Spider, Wind Frills, Wind Master, Windmill Yellow, Wine Light, Wine Merchant, Wine Star, Wineberry Candy, Winged Migration, Winston Churchill, Winter In Eden, Winter Masquerade, Winter Springs, Wisest Of Wizards, Wispy Rays, Wisteria, With This Ring, Within The Veil, Without Shadows, Wizard's Wine Cup, Women Seeking Men, Woogaroo, Working With Green, World's Collide, Worth It All, Worthy Creation, Wyatt Earp, Yabba Dabba Doo, Yasmin, Yellow Mammoth, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow, Yo Rick Yost, You Angel You, You Glow Girl, Young Cha, Zebulon, Zephyr John, Zephyr's Song, Zinfandel Blush, Zip Boom Bah, Zitronenfalter, Zitronenriese, Zoro's Blade, Zuni Thunderbird