Welcome to my home and garden.

It's my pleasure to offer you a view of
my flower gardens, but first allow me
to introduce myself and tell you a
little about my life.

I was born in 1964 at my parent's farm
which is located in Kirchboitzen, a small
and beautiful German village. At the time
of my birth the family farm was still in operation,
supporting cows, cattle, pigs and chickens. There were many acres of
farmland and pastureland.
However, as time went on I didn't feel like continuing in my parent's
footsteps, therefore the stables have remained empty since the late 80's
and all arable farmland was leased. In the mid 90's the stables were
converted to a medical practice and a dwelling, while the pig barn later
was converted into my present home. Landscaping, with flower beds and
lawn, replaced old manure piles and silos. During construction I always
paid careful attention to design and sensibility, attempting to create a
harmonious impression of beauty.
After graduation I studied to be an ornamental plant gardener and
worked in horticulture and landscape gardening. In 1993 I passed the
examination for Master Craftsman and received a diploma in this
profession. I currently work for a horticulture and landscape
gardening company, where I am responsible for garden designing,
estimating costs, overseeing the garden construction and also to
finalize the settlement of accounts. My job keeps me very busy!
I've always had a great interest in many different kinds of
herbaceous plants and through the years I have collected a large
variety of plant specimens. The purchase of a computer and access to
the internet opened a new and unknown world of plants to me.
Daylilies especially roused my passion. The spectrum of daylily
colors and shapes are unlimited, as none other of the plants I grow-
so hardy and resilient but nevertheless also fragile and beautiful.
I quickly accumulated a large collection of daylilies, which is
constantly increasing.
I've collected more than 2700 cultivars in my garden to court my
camera's favor - my seedlings, the nearly 400 iris, the hostas, the roses and
the peonies, - each of them with their own lovely blossoms.
You would like to see them? Then I'm pleased to invite you to dive into my
world of pictures. Please have fun and enjoy! But be careful, you
could easily become addicted!!!

Yours Gerald Hohls

If anybody likes to have some plants, please email me.